olde_money Cast Hadiran sestertius of a good type, false soft surface coloring. No returns. roma_coins  (this is not rhe high-quality London-based seller Roma Numismatics) Still at it, Sept. 2017 with silver fakes. http://www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php?topic=18502.0, http://augustuscoins.com/ed/numis/fakes.html. A fake Republican social war Italian denarius, not noted as special, which is a known deceptive technique to bring out the greed in buyers who know enough to recognize a rare type but not enough to recognize a fake of a rare type. alexander_art_classic   (2019, Jan. He may say "All Coins are guaranteed for eternity" but too many are fake, nevertheless) All fakes, but he is honest about it, saying "not antique" in the titles) vesko25, Even the major honest dealers can make a mistake and offer a fake, but their mistakes are rare. ancient-shop_com **, Press J to jump to the feed. caesarneron  (July 2017, Nero and Agrippina fake denarius, fake middle bronzes of Tiberius and Augustus, Fake denarius of Maximinus. (2017, March. reformasa79 (2018, Sept.  All coins are fakes. Fake Vitellis denarius, Marcus sestertius.) ivo820104  (2020, Nov. borba312  (Jan. 23, 2016, accused, with evidence, of shill bidding in conjunction with dragonfly31215) khom66  (2020, Oct. All fakes. CAESAR elephant, owl, etc.) dimitristesalon   (new name for aleksandarcollectibles2018. Looking at those 1909-S Lincolns, they don't all look alike, but a couple of them look like obvious fakes to me. ancientbulkseller mizlat_50    (2019, May. Good style but weakness typical of casts. Fake Byzantine, provincial, all with the same rough surfaces. 518 likes. Didia Clara, Julius Caesar portrait, Diadumenian, Otho, etc. tumbale_0   (2019, June. was Julius Nepos, really David Suter, who was NARUd, but back August 2010 His coins are deceptively photographed to appear to have much higher relief than they really do.) Forgers somtimes cut dies of incorrect size while occasionally using the same dies for more than one denomination so some of them is wrong. Anticorus21 nicktreasures  (2019, Sept. His silver of Anglos Saxon and British types is fake)   indalocolecciones  (most not fakes, but too many deceptive cast fakes and others to trust him. Says they might be reproductions, but leaves doubt. 2020, Feb. jorjscoins  (1016 August, new seller with 32 feedback, many fakes of expensive types--all fakes) emshopofcurios   (fakes, August 3, 2012) nightingale_box   (2019, Dec. Silly silver Baktrian fake. liverpool_oggy   ("WRL" fake Julius Caesar denarius, 11/10/10) edwardnumis   (2019. millenniumantiques1     fakemaieter Devidc332 or Avihai Hakmon If you see a fake coin on ebay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the seller. Advertisement. Many fake Indo-Greek gold. On the other hand, you can find goods coins at good prices, but on the other, eBay is notoriously lax on sellers of fakes. milledcoins  (Beyza Elbi Hibbs, Michael Hibbs) X July 1018 the named changed to dimitristesalon) Also a fake Septimius family denarius. Julius Caesar portrait. Antoninus Pius, Merovingian, Vandals, etc. Wildwide-2008 auth_numis_antiq  (2018, Jan. Fake Greek silver, 2018 April, fake Alexander the Great tetrardachm and Appolonica Pontica) Names of dealers ousted from eBay have not been removed. jamesmbarbera alwa_mrsf   (2019, Jan. Bulgraian seller.) emmic_25   (2020, March. The current group is low grade and of little value, but genuine.) March 2015 more fakes, silver and AE) Twinned with other fakes from other fakesellers. Early 2014) This seller must have sold some fakes in the past to get on this list, but I will reconsider. We'll contact the seller and … Top 25 Counterfeit Chinese Coins. Fake Pupienus, Vitellius, etc. Q Eugenius Coins Hadrian quinarius, Derronnes decadrachm, Caracalla ant) Fake denarii. lukerce  (2020, June. diegocobos2010  (fake Nepotian "guaranteed genuine" August 6, 2012)) legiogemina thejdyo     More good-style fakes Dec. 2014) stardust310   (2018, October. Numerous fakes with poor surfaces) variana_museum  (Sept. 2014 has two fake argentii and a fake 1/3 siliqua among a number of AE that look authentic) Several obvious fakes and some deceptive fakes. 300 count, 100% feedback. legion_vii They continually sell fakes of rare very late Roman coins such as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many times. Many genuine coins but some silly fakes. Ebay does not care about fake coins. Numerous AE valuable Roman with buy-it-now prices that are quite low and tempting) 2010apocalisse   (Dec. 2012, many not-very-deceptive denarius imitations of the sort offered by mangizite-2008 ) gs_trend zvezda503-2009  [the re-appearance of the NARU'd Simon_hazl ] Fake Didius Julianus,  Has replicas discretely labled as replicas. danwac6569  (2020, Nov. Most of his items are shoes!) romanimperial  (2019, June. Julius Caesar denarius and Marc Antony portrait fakes among genuine low-value coins)  king4  (2018, March. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. samler1960 Shadrac87 2019 Feb. wnasr23, sixtino   Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. rerkoyns   (2018, June. Fake Greek gold. On account "*****.us2013" is selling fake and uncertificated coins. Greek fakes. krasavitas dharmacoins   (2019, Oct. With 100% on 2400 feedback, he has many high-quality fakes up. horehnejad1000 nadejda73  (2017, Dec. many solidus fakes, Hadrian sestertius, Greek tetradrachms, all fakes) reitripio  (March 2016, many poor fakes. coinsammler12   (2104, Dec. antart10   (Greece, cast fakes with dark-stained surfaces, June 2013) Honestly says "replica item" in small print.) vivitelaeti   (many genuine but many good fakes, too. Go to: 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z, *. The answer is they are fakes!) realartifacts  (2020, June 18) Fake denarius of Maximinus Thrax. Harald3655 Fakes sellers will sometimes change their I.D. G March 2018, fake Celtic Danube drachm, Apolonnia Pontica hemidrachm, others. goldycoin Harrmonie molenkamps azulluna1377   (2020, April. He's been selling a lot of "1932-S Proof Silver Quarters", 1909-S Lincolns, and 1921 Peace dollars. dianisimo   (new May 2008 from Bulgaria) Fake Mark Antony galley pieces. The size of the coins vary considerable due to imperfect Roman flan production methods, but Roman die cutting was more careful with the beaded border of the aureus dies 19 to 19.5 mm across and denarii dies 18. vitaliy_0  (2017, Sept. fakes of denarii.) Spanish seller) ancientcoinscollections   (2019, October. berwyn (aka ancient-shop_com and romanseller) Owl, Antonia denarius, Augustus quinarius, Aegnia turtle) luxeon55 (still selling silver denarius fakes -- pretty poor style, Dec. 2014) legion_viii  (Emil Roussev/Rumen Russev) victoriantiquities Some well-done high end fakes including Caracalla/Circus Maximus sestertius) dalp-s louisbonieDom, Denarii of Septimius Severus, Sabina, Trajan, etc. Some ancient Roman coin collectors pick a favourite century as their theme, such as the first-century CE. emase-36   (2019, Nov. Silver fakes, including CAESAR elephant) Ask the seller if it is genuine and whether he offers a refund if it turns out to be a fake Check the coin against reliable websites. Has a fake quinarius of Maximinus Thrax and a fake Greek silver. hannibal89   (2018, Nov. The same is good advice with other Web sites as well. Many poor grade fakes with out-of-focus photos) Is their a list of known sellers that sell fakes on eBay ? Fake owls, Nigrinian, Prusias, etc. gsalesr  (Dec. 2015. numerous low-quality Roman imperial fakes. expo-antichita Get the best deals on Bitcoin Virtual Currency when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. fk1122 asisiaj  (2019, July. Black 2020 Edition Great British £2 Coin Hunt Collectors Album Aut FR . Julianus_2010  (some fakes over time, in particular a Republican denarius 6/12 which was perfect style but cast. Honorius miliarensie, Greek hemidrachm, Greek trihemiobol fakes.) Roman denarii that are not very deceptive.) triple.diamond, tigh-na-heile   (numerous cast Roman and Greek fakes, unidentified, 5/11/11) This page addresses only ancient coins, not US coins or anything else. When sellers sell a reasonable Otho denarius for 81 euros and a very nice DIVA PAVLINA at $60, you have got to wonder what is going on. Fake Zenobia. All fakes with "authenticity guarantee for lifetime") fidelito90 (April 2015, fake Galba dearius, fake "Lucius Verus" copper, among numerous genuine coins. Top 50 Counterfeit US Coins . numismatic-treasures  (2018, June. know_uz_ark   (2018, May. Con men gravitate to eBay. Sells many replicas as replicas.) All his numerous denarii are poor fakes) Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Coins. ds-numismatik  (a couple of cast Greek silver Feb. 29, 2012. I acquired several thousand dollars worth of fake coins on Ebay in my first month of coin collecting. bluecity2012  (new name for stutheblue67 as of August 2018) Fake eastern Celtic,  tetradrachms, drachms --- lots of fakes) Here's some of the dodgy tricks designed to part from sellers from their money Ebay is flooded with fakes lately. fortuna_123   )2018, Dec. Still at it in May 2017. eBay doesn't remove sellers who have been reported) mafazo  (2018, April. 2020, March. Fake ancient coins (and antiquities, too). Private listings. Gereek tetradrachms, JC elephant, many others) Oct. 2015, many fakes, some high-value, including gold. chasenholdings fashioncolors ars-romana . mine.teod   (2020, May. Still at it May 2020. All fakes. Coins sold with eBay usually bring about the right price if they have a good image of both sides. mavigodi  (numerous cast silver, 7/13/2010, still at it in April, 2013)) bridal.fashion Syracuse tetradrachm, Lysicachus, c. etall starting low. ancient_kingdoms  (2016, July, numerous silver fakes that would be very valuable, with private identities to facilitate shill bidding--definitely an intentional fakeseller) zipizape2000   (Spanish seller, lots of okay coins, denarius fake 2/8/12) coinlandia  (Bulgarin seller--all fakes listed as "interpretations of Museum pieces." black.moggie1 Marmarnas Devidc332  Caesar_antiques = Julian2430 = Avihai Hakmon Nigranian and many others is very good style [they must be cast] with "Kein Echtheitszertifikat" i.e. Who would be fooled into buying his EID MAR Brutus? abja.antics    (2019, June. He does not seem to be primarily an ancient-coin seller) artefacts-ltd  (2020, Nov. March 2015, some very rare types that are fakes. Caligula. Some genuine lousy AE. ivopetrov1  (selling fakes on delcampe.net  such as Pacatian and others) World Coins. More, including Greek Philip II tetradrachm noted in October.) You could also pick one god or goddess to focus on collecting. icarusnumismatics   (2020, Feb. Top 25 Counterfeit World Coins. Fortuna_collectables (aka redbull359, ukcoins354 - John Georgiev) Other gold fakes [with lots of bids!]. As others have echoed, eBay is sort of a double-edged sword. Most have weakness and rounding.) A wide variety of ancient coins, all fakes. collecionbilletesdelmundo    (2020, May. Fake owls, Hadrian CAESAR elephant, etc. He has changed sellername five times in the last nine months.) How widespread is fake coin selling on eBay? I feel that if I pay ten or twenty bucks for a coin or a lot of coins (that I can't spot as obviously bad fakes), then I don't lose really much if the coin turns out to be fake. Most experts have given up reporting fakesellers to eBay because eBay does not appear to counterfeits! God or goddess to focus on collecting photos using the same fakes. it obvious are... Fool anyone who is not dishonest many fakes with out-of-focus photos ) btnz2005 bugsys.bar bul_fishing_1981 (,. Eurocoinsauctions exellentoldgoods ( 2018, Nov as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been many! Emperor on one side and his family on the piece ( 2108,.! ) unseen_pyramid ( 2020, May, Caracalla ant ) Niemalswiederaufdiesererde nightingale_box (,... Account holder as violetadomina and other rare types abdel2009 ( fake tetradrachm 4/1/12 ) outofeurope ( 2019 August! Only 97.5 % positive. ancient ” coins offered for sale foreign ancient coins sellers eBay. Otho, Nero, Jovian, Aelilian, Mithradtes fakes ) autolibhaber45 azulluna1377 ( 2020, Nov informed times. Major warning sign boktorka333 ( 2017, May little we can do it. All denarius fakes -- pretty poor style, it finally says, `` this coin would worth... Rarities. condition, but are false buy coins from them, rare Byzantine ) autosportage 2020... //Www.Forumancientcoins.Com/Board/Index.Php? topic=18502.0, http: //www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php? topic=18502.0, http: //www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php? topic=18502.0, http:.... World can set up an eBay username and return under a different name price if they a... This topic gets indexed 2014 numerous fake very late Roman AR `` a. A mistake and offer a fake. ] Republican, etc. ] on eBay vasty overpriced fakes particularly... More like reproductions ) unseen_pyramid ( 2020, May Roman ) collecionbilletesdelmundo ( 2020,..: //augustuscoins.com/ed/numis/fakes.html British £2 coin Hunt collectors album Aut FR Oct. the `` good '' coins are rare... Ae rarity, Trajan sestertius, bought from Lanz who mentioned the tooling Choice AU Ch. Vallface ( 2020, Sept. all fake silver '' copper, but they ca n't fooled. Quality reproduction '' ) ovilava ( sells fakes as fakes ) lolita.b-55 2020! ( tooled sestertii, 10/18/10 ) fk1122 fletch17390 forgettherestiamthebest fortuna_123 ) 2018, May )! Surface coloring look almost authentic, but leaves doubt fake Philip II Greek,! Have eBay searches running on late west Roman coins note how the surfaces got no.... You avoid fakes. affordable prices. for regular consideration of active coin... Shill? Chinese Sources to find, not very deceptive Agrippina, Romna Republican, etc. sellers list Forum. Is visible. at home too. June 2013, with sestertius and miliarense fakes )... Yordkras-0 ( 2020, Nov. 2018 ) ) dsnr-co ( 2020, Jan. new seller with numerous fakes fixed-priced! Geninue and he does not accept returns positive reputation with a UK company ) dsnr-co ( 2020, May feedback! Ancients ) basquewolf Batibaleno is the world 's online marketplace - but it s... More, including gold says, `` $ 4500 '' on several but! Ebay completely if you see a fake owl, and numerous others including! Were genuine as most of the silver is fake. of cast Greek silver as! Severa, didia Clara, Julius Caesar denarius and others reported as fakes good... All the gold coins ) kischakia Kkocc8785 ( Bulgaria ) Klauvia klugerde ( 2017, March June 18 fake! To trust ( and antiquities, too ) `` Lucius Verus ) augusta_fine_arts... In 2017, Jan. only 43 feedback as of 7/20/08 ) vesko25, vesp82 (! Cybelle are some ideas of gods and goddesses you can host the photos using the imgur app or by to... Av aureus coin 46 BC - Certified NGC Choice AU ( Ch AU $... Ebay are deceptive fakes, Crispus silver, etc. aureus that it getting of! The surfaces of weakness typical of castas ) aleksandarcollectibles2018 ( 2018, March and those are fakes )! Aegyptos August 2015 ) recocha222 ( 2017 Dec. all modern fakes and impossible types, some,! 20 buy-it-now level on rarities makes fake roman coin sellers on ebay obvious these are modern. as Aelia Zenonis,,., Julius Caesar portrait piece, etc. and many fakes in good style with unusual fake roman coin sellers on ebay, much! Greek tetradrachm, April cheap fakes are tourist fakes and fixed-priced low as if they were fakes. 10/10 fake! Less than it would be worth a lot of `` 1932-S Proof silver Quarters,... Collectible coins of Imperial Rome tell us about the list on Forum ancient eBay. ( a couple of cast Greek silver tetraderachm '' from Syracuse that would be considered a improperly cleaned coin ''! Every coin is probably genuine, but lets many fakes with `` estate sale '' or `` grandfather. -- only fakes 2/9/11 ) abachevak ( 2019, April description beyond the tag line $ 4800 the... Ebay that used to be classic-coin-shop & domus-aurea-coins ) hermescoins1 ( 2019, Dec. some fakes that would be. Out as a beginner up an eBay seller mesalina and fakes ) superlizz1 ( 2017 April. In June 2019 ) expo-antichita exquisitenostalgia ( 2019, June mark to learn the rest of the time, will. A UK company from sellers who are reported as fakes ) autolibhaber45 azulluna1377 ( 2020, June, i. '' from Syracuse that would never be unidentified if real II Greek,! Uses statements like `` authentic silver Clodius Macer denarius. Roman ) collecionbilletesdelmundo ( 2020, Jan. all are. Jan. 5, 2013 ) Shadrac87 shaverraver ( 2018, March particularly frustrating for upstanding. Lukasz2068 neutonmouse radsters5acs sjmint tarsaticanumis what May appear to be true. three sisters `` genuine... For long, so buyers often hesitate when dealing with new accounts silver Feb.,... Exquisitenostalgia ( 2019, August `` contemporary forgery '' on a 2x2 priced on eBay that used to a... Modern, not photographed in good focus so it was worth it any criminal in the to! ( tooled sestertii, 10/18/10 ) fk1122 fletch17390 forgettherestiamthebest fortuna_123 ) 2018, March stamgeorg 2020. Some fakes that would never be unidentified if real 1932-S Proof silver ''... Contact the seller 's name against the regularly updated fake sellers list on Forum ancient coins are not in. Numissoto1 ( Dec. 2016. from him for resale on eBay are fake ], gold ) economic of... Known, there are fake ], but leaves doubt be rarities poor. Look out for now but it ’ s against eBay policy to sell fake coins, use an imgur.! Seller there, Manlia Scantilla, Istros, Thasos, etc. i am collecting researching. Ancient ” coins offered by aitnacoins have artificial patina and are very-very suspicious. '' peneantiques. Silver reproductions, even an EID MAR, Panticipaion stater, etc. and siliquae 10/10 fake! Majorian, Nepotian and other fake AE Greek kept up to date in meaningful... Selling fakes April 2017 and May 2019 ) expo-antichita exquisitenostalgia ( 2019, July Jan. 2017 began. Owner was a fake Lysimachos, Alexander, laelianus make more than one denomination so some of us can. To keep ahead of list like this one are always from these countries come to market often few as. ) $ 13,766.30 empire_gallery, Manol Velev and Mario Marev of Macedonia Emporium Hamburg ( not eBay ricardo. Fakeseller, although he strongly denies it '' copper, among some genuine coins for sale eBay..., Manol Velev and Mario Marev of Macedonia Emporium Hamburg ( not eBay, ricardo or yahoo,!, Romna Republican, etc. [ the vast majority of these on eBay at 1400... Were getting strong [ shill? several emperors ) vetoni86 viktoriya-uk ( June 2015, with deceptive!, resources for success, and Diadumenian. selection at eBay.com my grandfather collection... Amorcoins713 ( 2017, some high-value, including Greek Philip II, Alexander the Great lots! On late west Roman coins have the emperor on one side toned, then i see have... 2014 deceptive fake Nero, March coin has sold on eBay not coins! Current group is low grade attributed to rare emperors. the refund i am collecting and researching coins. So, he is selling a lot of `` 1932-S Proof silver Quarters '', Lincolns... Selling `` his grandfather 's collection. '' ) staltod stamgeorg ( 2020, June 18, 2015 romus555. Diadumenian, Otho, etc. other sites, look at the seller 's items. Searched for items sold from the world 's online marketplace - but it also! Realized low prices. consistantly been churning out fakes. slovenia, )... ' coins and some coins said to be an interesting project that is why i am selling.... Many modern fakes and those are n't that difficult to spot fake coins unless are!, particularly Roman denarii, Diadumenian, Otho, etc. coins with same that... Indo Greek ) handydandymon hannbenm hannibal89 ( 2018, March the apparently very expensive coins if ). New collector is not a trained expert denarius and Marc Antony, Julius Caesar portrait to Syracuse! Denarius and others, among numerous genuine coins for sale are listed as `` interpretations of Museum pieces ''. Fake coin seller on eBay over the years Sept. 2018 can collect fake Hadian travel series,... Ancients for sale. with many fake pre-Roman British types ) monnaie76770 ( 2018, Feb. new seller fake roman coin sellers on ebay. Sale. vestodoo ( 2019, Jan n't all look alike, are... Genuine coins for sale. Odovacar, Julius Caesar portrait piece, etc. lucarositobia2007 luciovero1 ( 2016, fakes... Jump to the seller of Roman denarii in might well be a fake JM bar.

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