Determine the Tube Sizes You Need. Stock Code: CIR60SPWW. T5 Tubes. They all have a 4-pin fitting and all emitting a white colour. Click & Collect. Add to … If your round fluorescent tube has a different size or connector to this, you may need to upgrade the whole light fitting. Fluorescent Tubes. For example, the initial “T” means the fluorescent fixture comes in a tubular shape and the number next to the ”T” is the estimated diameter in inches. Lifetime Tubes fluorescents et Starters. T4 fluorescent tubes are compact and easy to install, making them the ideal way to light-up kitchen counters and worktops. To find out the exact diameter of your fluorescents check the label situated at the end of your current tube. Whatever type of fluorescent tube you are looking for, we have an extensive range from T4 to T12 in various lengths, whatever the wattage and colour temperatures we have them all, we can also provide a full range of tube sleeves and shatterproof tubes… … 280L 2 Door Chest Freezer CFC Free, Chiller & Freezer 280L (PPFZ280) Regular price $699.00 SGD $599.00 SGD. Help Show Category Navigation Search Dropdown. Features A range of simple, yet decorative shaped circular fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent tubes come in a range of sizes. 5,51 EUR + 4,41 EUR livraison . CLA Lighting. Check our stock now! 7W GX53 240v Circular Fluorescent Light bulb in Warm or Cool White Energy Saving . Add to Cart. Add to basket G5 21W 2100lm Tube Warm white Fluorescent Light bulb (L)863mm £ 7. Use the filters on the left to find your perfect T9 circular LED tube. Show Category Navigation. Slim design with high efficiency, cool white colour output. A++ (16) A (6) A+ (4) Length. T5 2GX13 Base Circular Fluorescent 22W 4000K Oriel Lighting A-T5C-22/840 . Circular T5 Fluorescent Tube 40W Daylight - CLAT540WDL. SIZE MATERIAL VOLTAGE ROOM SHAPE MOTOR TYPE IP RATING CUTOUT Quick view. This tube features Spectra-Plus Triphosphor for high colour rendering, high lumen maintenance and extended life. T8 Anti Drug Tubes. A circline light bulb of only 13 watts can replace a 60 watt incandescent bulb and has an output of 650-900 lumens. Applications for T9 circular tubes include domestic bathroom fittings, commercial offices, corridors, bulkheads and public areas. Fluorescent tubes are typically found in domestic and commercial environments such as kitchens, garages, schools and offices, preferred for their versatile applications and functional design. CLA Lighting. PowerPac; Popular Products. At RS Components, we have fluorescent tube lights in straight and circular variations that are available in a range of lengths, diameters and colour tones. CROMPTON 40w T9 Fluorescent Circular Fluorescent Triphosphor Colour 840 - Cool White - 4000k - (Crompton CIR40SPCW) 4.7 out of 5 stars 108 £7.63 £ 7 . Quick view. Search Search. The one-on-one replacement is easy and fast. $16.00 Quick … Competitive prices from the leading 400mm Circular Fluorescent Tubes distributor. Search Search. T8 Coloured Tubes. 1x 60W G10Q 4 Pin T9 Round 400mm Circular Lamp Fluorescent Tube Ring Light Bulb. They are usually used for commercial purposes in ceilings and wall mounts in retail, offices and hospitality applications. Submit Search. You can tell the size and maximum wattage rating for a fluorescent tube by the code detailing its dimensions. Our curated range features products from industry-leading brands including Osram, GE, Sylvania and our own RS PRO. An electric current in the gas excites mercury vapor, which produces short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the lamp to glow. You can learn more about the different types of fluorescent tube lights, including circular fluorescent tubes, in our handy buying guide. £9.98. Circular lamps are, as you’d expect, fluorescent tubes moulded into a circular shape and are available in T5 and T9 diameters. Add to basket G24d 13W 860lm Stick Warm white Fluorescent Light bulb £ 5. $19.00. Thousands of customer product reviews. 40w Cool White Circularular fluro T8 tube. Sale . Add to Cart. POPULAR CATEGORIES; Metal Halide / High … Add to Cart. Fluorescent T4 12mm Circular Tubes Fluorescent T9 29mm circular tubes have G10q caps. You are now visiting our Global professional lighting website, visit your local website by £8.99. Eveready 22w 32w 40w 60w T9 Circular Round Fluorescent Tube Standard White 3500k. x2 / x3 / x5 / x10 Eveready LED Golf Bulbs Energy Save 6w =40w E14 B15 B22 E27. Our Fluorescent Tubes come in Straight Linears, Ubend and Circline shapes. Filter By Price. To provide non-directional light in decorative or functional fittings. Click & Collect. Length. Add to Cart. 8,35 EUR + 3,49 EUR livraison . Buy Fluorescent Tubes at Add to basket G24d 18W 1150lm Stick Warm white Fluorescent Light bulb £ 5. Filter By Type. Free postage. Suggestions < Retour à la famille de produits . (21) 21 product ratings - Crompton 40w T9 G10q Round 400mm Circular Fluorescent Tube 830 Warm White 3000k. fluorescent; halogen/incandescent; hid (discharge lamps) led; other/specialised; fluorescent. T8 Gourmet Tubes. Not suitable for dimming. The difference is in the diameter. Browse a range of fluorescent tube lighting and fluorescent industrial fly killer at Toolstation from trusted brands including Phillips. A fluorescent lamp, or fluorescent tube, is a low-pressure mercury-vapor gas-discharge lamp that uses fluorescence to produce visible light. MASTER TL-E Circulaire Super 80. 40w Daylight Circularular fluro T8 tube. cfl fpl; cfl plc; cfl plf; cfl pll; cfl plr; cfl pls; cfl plt; cfl spiral; cfl square (2d) circular tube; tube; halogen/incandescent. Free postage. CLA Lighting. T9 circular LED tubes can be connected to MAINS or installed in fixtures with an electronic ballast. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. (21) 21 product ratings - Crompton 40w T9 G10q Round 400mm Circular Fluorescent Tube 830 Warm White 3000k. The wattage of the bulb also determines the diameter of the bulb which in turn determines if it will fit the fixture. AU $ 6.33 AU $ 5.98. These tubular bulbs use between six and eight times less energy than incandescent light bulbs, making them a good choice for households looking to cut down on their energy footprint and businesses looking to save money on energy costs. AMERICA'S LARGEST LIGHTING RETAILER 1-800-624-4488. Click & Collect. Fluorescent Tube Sizes. T9 Circular Tubes. See our range of LED oyster lights for options. Free postage. Linear fluorescent tubes. AU $ 33.59 … Tube Size. BELL T9 Tube Circulaire Fluorescent Tube 32W - Blanc Froid- 840 - Culot G1OQ. Informations sur la photo. UK call centre ready for your call 24/7. Fluorescent 36W T8 26mm Tube -11178. If you’re armed with a tape measure, here’s a table to show you how to interoperate the length and diameter of your blown bulb to give you the type of fluorescent tube you need. TL. 13,80 EUR + 33,13 EUR livraison . T5 22w Nedis Fluorescent Circular Tube 4 Pin 1000lm Daylight 6400k. Quick view . Free postage. Fluorescent tubes in a range of shapes, sizes, wattages and colours. Brand: CLA. AU $ 23.36 AU $ 12.97. TCP 32058 T6 Circline Double Lamp Compact Fluorescent Lamp 58 Watt 4-Pin Base 82 CRI 2850K Circular & Linear Fluorescent Specialty Fluroescents Halogen. Offering the same brightness as fluorescent and LED tube lights, 2D bulbs are turned into more compact shapes, making them more convenient and easier to install. Compare ; Login Basket. T5 Circular Tubes. For use with decorative luminaires, offers excellent energy efficiency and value for money. 40 mm (1) 41 mm (5) 50 mm (2) 52 mm (1) 304 mm (1) 533 mm (1) 602 mm (1) 610 mm (2) 1210 mm (2) 1213 mm (1) 1219 mm (2) 1500 mm (1) 1510 mm (1) 1513 mm (1) 1524 mm (3) 1810 mm (2) 1828 mm (1) Height. CIRCULAR TUBE 22W / 32W / 40W / 60W T9 WARM / COOL ROUND CROMPTON / SYLVANIA . G13 18W 1350lm Tube Warm white Fluorescent Light bulb (L)604mm £ 6. TL-E 32W/840 1CT/12. To Speak to a U.S. Based Lighting Pro 1-800-624-4488. $12.00 Quick view. This circular LED tube uses a G10q connector (pictured above) and is ~30cm in diameter. Fluorescent tube lamps,T2,T4,T5,2D Fluorescent Tube Light,T5 Circular,T9,T8 Philips Alto,GE Polylux Tubes,T12 Rapid Start,T9 Circular Fluoro Tube Lights T9 LED tubes come with the G10q socket, which is exactly the same as the socket of circular fluorescent tubes. … Add to Cart. 3 (1) 4 (2) 5 (23) Filter results Clear all … If your fluorescent tubes have recently fizzled out – don’t panic. There are three common sizes, shown in the chart the below. 1 trade catalogue. Linear fluorescent tubes are the most common type of fluorescent lamps. T8 Tubes. RRP: AU $ 18.97 AU $ 11.42 (You save: AU$ 7.55 from RRP) QTY Enquire. AU $ 23.36 AU $ 11.99. £6.99 to £38.99. £9.95 (£9.95/Unit) Click & Collect. 60 days free credit available. Don't forget to upgrade your starter. From 4ft and 5ft T8 to T4, T5 and circular. By comparison, the circular fluorescent lights emit the same amount of light (lumens) while using less power than incandescents. Add to wish list Add to compare list. Circular triphosphor fluorescent tubes with a 400mm ring size and a tube diameter of 29mm. 63 £7.85 £7.85 Circular Fluorescent Tube Extra Bright 32W (PP32EXD) Regular price $7.00 SGD. Current refinements: Clear all. £9.98. TL-E 32W/33-640 1CT/12 - Philips. $11.95 Quick view. Circular LED Tube Installation Guide. Add to basket G24q 18W 1150lm Stick Warm white Fluorescent Light bulb £ 4. T8 for example, means tubular (T) followed by the size/diameter (8). Related Products. TL-E 32W/840 1CT/12 Caractéristiques Téléchargements Éclairage fluorescent de forme circulaire avec rendu des couleurs amélioré. 32 mm (7) 40 mm (1) 45 mm (4) 47.5 mm (1) 52 mm (1) 86 mm (3) Rated. Shop Circline Fluorescent tubes at Search For. Sizes The uniquely shaped circular fluorescent tube come in T5 (15 mm Diameter), T6 (20 mm diameter) and T9 (29 mm diameter) sizes. All fluorescent lamps use the same technology, but there are several different variations and sizes. Cart. Filter in Category. Cart 0. 187 sold. Description. T12s are 1.5-inch diameter fluorescent tubes. Find a wide variety of Circline light bulbs at great prices. 01494 723 286 Toggle menu. Learn More. Submit. Circular (circline) fluorescent tubes only T10 1 1 ⁄ 4: 31.75 G13 bipin T12 T38 1 1 ⁄ 2: 38.1 G13 bipin/single pin/recessed double contact Also from the 1930s, not as efficient as new lamps. Fluorescent T12s . The UK’s No. 2D and Circular Light Bulbs. CODE: SKU285660. Quick view. 400mm Circular Fluorescent Tubes at CPC. T5 40W circular fluorescent tube with a 2GX13 base (2 pins on inside of tube, 2 on outside of tube). Skip to main content . Free postage. There may also be an abbreviated "HO" which indicates a high-output and "VHO" for very-high-output. Fluorescent tubes also last longer and are more cost effective than other lighting solutions. T5 (11) T8 (15) Efficiency Rating. Circular Tube; Halogen & 2D Tube; Filter By Brands. Sale. 32w T5 Circular Fluro Globe 5000k CLA smaller. Find a range of T5 fluorescent tube lights in halophospher or triphosphor versions for different lighting effects. Ouvre la Galerie … This product is available for warehouse pickup only. 2D lamps, also known as Double D bulbs are available with two different cap types: the GR8 or the GR10q. £9.19 to £39.99.