We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. $21.99 New. Dawson STI-SV 2011 HiCap Big-Ice Magwell, "Big Hand" Dawson Precision. To me they get in the way. ('ontouchstart' in window)) { DVC Omni 2011 |9mm 4.15" Barrel, Compensator, Ambi Safety, Magwell, 3-Dot Night Sights, 1 18 Rd + 1 21 Rd Magazines STI DVC Omni 2011 9x19mm 10‐285000 Pistol 2011 Buy Online | Guns ship free from Arnzen Arms gun store if (! My old magwell was worn out. Brazos Price: $3,500 w/Poly Grip; $3,900 w/Steel grip - Call to order: 254-622-2245 My stock 2011 Marauder comes with the "tactical" magwell. The gun also features the flared STI Tactical Magwell for quick reloads. - Stainless Steel 2.2oz quality craftsmanship to provide weight and help improve your reloads. Just a note about me – I have been shooting .45’s for 32 years (since age 8), and during a 4-year tour in the Marine Corps, managed to fire many thousands of rounds through all of the U.S. military smallarms – M-16’s, M-60’s, M-203 40mm grenades, and M-2 and M-85 .50 cals. Using sophisticated CAD design and CAM driven machining, the magwell opening is opened up as wide as possible without adding bulk. It it is made of hard-coated (black) aluminum and includes an inset STI logo. Aesthetically pleasing, the STI Tactical H.O.S.T. Dawson Precision. //